09 March 2008

developing our talents

school and work has been hard and stressful, so to relieve some stress, we have decided to do more fun things that take our mind off of the work and just make us more well-rounded.  Jake is teaching himself to play the harmonica. he is also practicing his drawing and trying to expand his artistic skill to painting and photography. and as always he has been practicing his magic and trying to learn new tricks. i've been trying to take pictures more often and trying to get faster instead of taking 5 min to get the light and focus right. hopefully i will be able to learn to edit soon too. i am also learning to knit and am going to continue to sew. my musical pursuit is learning to play the drums. this is something i've always wanted to learn, but never did. my friend jeff started teaching me and hopefully he will continue, but it is kind of hard when you're playing an imaginary drum set. we will post pictures of our projects soon.......maybe.

08 March 2008

Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem

They look like angels, but they are little monsters. Watch their music video here or listen to one of their songs on the right.

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